6.0 Professional Dragon Handle Hairdressing Scissors Set

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Model:IC-60G-4; IC-6030TG-4
Size:6.0 inch; 30 Teeth
Feature : Hair Scissors Set
Material:SUS440C Stainless Steel

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6.0" Professional Dragon Handle Hairdressing Scissors Set

● This perfect set of hair cutting scissors is hand-made with high-quality Japanese 440C stainless steel, and the sharp edges are longer than ordinary stainless steel. The blade has high hardness, sharpness, durability and corrosion resistance. The overall line of the scissors is smooth, and the surface is flat and smooth. These sharp blades will not become dull after long cutting, ensuring perfect cutting every time.

● Scissors set includes a 6.0 inch straight cutting scissors, a 6.0 inch, 30 teeth thinning scissors and a 6.0 inch, 12 teeth chunkers. If you want to create a beautiful hairstyle, this set of scissors can meet your needs.

● The 6.0 inch straight cutting scissors is suitable for finishing hair ends and details. The sword-shaped shape makes the scissors look smoother.

● The 6.0 inch, 30 teeth thinning scissors have non-marking antler teeth, and the thinning rate is 15-20%. It is suitable for micro-removing and shaping a non-marking effect, suitable for fine cutting.

● 6.0 inch, 12 teeth chunkers, thinning rate is 20-30%. It can be used for both male and female hair, suitable for fine cutting and texture adjustment.

● Scissors use dragon-shaped carved handles, which have been carefully carved, ground, polished and other unique carving techniques. With precise red diamond screws, it reflects the unique charm of scissors.


Product Description




IC-60G-4; IC-6030TG-4


6.0 inch; 30 Teeth


SUS440C Stainless Steel


Hair Scissors Set With Dragon Handle

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Ergonomic handles

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Mirror polishing


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PVC Bag+ Inner Box+ Carton/ Customized

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