SUS440C Professional Pet grooming Super Curved Scissors

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Size:7.5 inch
Feature : Pet Curved Scissors
Material:JP SUS440C Stainless Steel

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SUS440C Professional Pet grooming Super Curved Scissors

● This 7.5 inch super curved dog grooming scissors is specially designed for dog owners and groomers beginners and professional pet groomers. This super curved scissors has a curvature of 40 degrees, the curve is downward, and it is suitable for trimming the arc of pet body parts, such as big round head, buttocks, waist, and hind limbs. At the same time, when the pet groomer turns the scissors over, the face and mouth of the pet can also be trimmed with the curve upward.

● Since the curvature of scissors is usually below 30 degrees, the process of making scissors of about 40 degrees is very complicated and difficult. And there is a certain degree of scrap rate in the pure hand-made process, so this scissors are all hand-made by highly skilled and experienced craftsmen to ensure the curvature and quality of the scissors.

● The scissors are made of Japanese 440C stainless steel, which ensures that the scissors have extremely high sharpness and durability. The surface of the scissors uses matte polishing technology to make the scissors look more textured.

● The handle structure adopts a symmetrical ergonomic design to ensure a more comfortable grip during use and reduce the soreness of the user's hand.


Product Description


Pet grooming




7.5 inch


JP SUS440C Stainless Steel


Extreme Curved Scissors

Handle design

Ergonomic handles with anatomic finger holes

Surface treatment

Matte polishing


Icool Or Customized


PVC Bag+ Inner Box+ Carton/ Customized

Payment Terms

Western Union, PayPal, Credit Assurance order on Alibaba

Shipping Way

DHL/ Fedex/ UPS/ TNT/ Customized


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Standard packaging


Custom packaging

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