The main factors for the poor feel of hairdressing scissors.

The main factors for the poor feel of hairdressing scissors:
Abnormal blade: Check whether the blade body is deformed or damaged, and be sure to avoid falling when using it. Contact the manufacturer for assistance if necessary.
Abnormal screw: Regularly check the opening and closing status (open the scissors 90 degrees first, and then close along the blade element, the middle blade, and the blade tip. If the opening and closing is easy and smooth, it is the ideal situation; if it is too loose or too tight, please fine-tune the screw to The best position) The method of checking the sharpness of the blade: You can prepare a single layer of tissue paper, spray it with water (note that it is only lightly sprayed, not too wet), spread it flat on your hand, and cut it with scissors. If the scissors can be cut easily and smoothly when opening and closing, and there is no phenomenon of pulling up (the cut surface is smooth and not rough), it means that the scissors are still sharp; otherwise, it is time to sharpen them.
Press knife (scissors): The so-called press knife is the ring opening and closing scissors that press the moving blade with the thumb. Why press the knife? Usually because the scissors are used for a long time, their opening and closing and sharpness begin to change without being noticed and continue to use; there is also the use of scissors that are not suitable for you from the beginning, and the thumb has to be pressed hard to cut the hair smoothly, so long-term After work, you will invisibly develop the habit of pressing knives.

Pressing the knife will not only burden the palm and wrist, but also cause the offset of the blade to accelerate the wear of the knife edge, which will cause great damage to the scissors.
Improper use of scissors will not only accelerate the wear and tear of scissors, but also cause a great burden on the palms and wrists, resulting in occupational injury (tendonitis), which deserves the attention of designers.

Post time: May-28-2022