Scissors construction and other accessories

Scissors structure and other accessories for pet groomer’s daily work advanced guide
Scissors are the “housekeeping treasure” of every pet groomer, and excellent groomers have their own favorite scissors. So, do you parents know what a beautician’s scissors look like? The following is a brief introduction for you.
The handle and blade of the beautician’s scissors are two parts. The blade is often made of excellent steel, and the handle is ordinary stainless steel. After welding, grinding and heavy casting, it finally forms what we see now.
The scissors themselves require serious maintenance, especially new ones. New scissors must not be removed, spaced, or cut anything other than pet hair before the first sharpening. It also needs to be cleaned, disinfected and oiled in time after daily use.
Each beautician has his own special scissors, and different beauticians will not touch or use others’ scissors.
Generally speaking, a junior beautician needs to use and practice continuously for at least 500 hours every day if he wants to master straight cutting.
In the process of practice, in order to maintain muscle memory, beauticians need to keep training in the soreness of standing for a long time. Only in this way can memory be gradually strengthened. Therefore, the effect of standing practice is often the best.
There are also some beauticians who prefer to use scissors in their left hand. This is not wrong, but the number of left-handed scissors is relatively small and the price is higher. Usually beauticians who hold scissors with the left hand also use scissors that are not used to be designed for the right hand.
The beautician will find a professional grinding agency or a scissors master for the scissors polishing, otherwise it will be easily scrapped if there is an error.
It is precisely because of its preciousness that beauticians often equip beauty scissors with professional scissor bags, scissors sleeves, scissors barrels, etc.
Often beauticians also wear aprons for pet stylists. The aprons themselves can be divided into summer and winter. Because most of the beauticians’ aprons are waterproof and airtight styles, they are mostly lace-up styles in summer and sleeved styles in winter. .
There is also a must-have accessory for the disposable disinfection mask. The pet’s hair is soft. It is best for the beautician to wear a mask when cutting hair to prevent the hair from accidentally entering the nose. In addition, goggles can also be selected depending on the situation.

Post time: May-21-2022