Does a teddy need a haircut? How to cut a teddy?

Teddy’s hair presents a curly shape, which can be combed with a special pet dog’s hairbrush. You can comb according to the shape of teddy’s hair, and pay attention to control the force, do not pull teddy’s hair too hard, or it will cause skin damage.

Encounter some difficult carding and smooth time. At this point, brute force should not be used, which may result in the loss of most of the dog’s hair, as well as painful feelings. Therefore, it should be cut off with scissors.

Cleaning teddy is a very important step in beauty, before giving it a bath with cotton ball to block the ear, to avoid water after infection, to clean with special body wash, wash can be dried with a towel first, and then blow dry in time with a hair dryer, to prevent the dog from catching a cold, can be combed with a comb after blowing.

After the grooming is complete, teddy can be given a fine, full-body trim with professional Icool grooming pet scissors.

In general to teddy best dog shearing can keep two to three centimeters long hair is the most appropriate, because it can act as both to teddy dog beauty effect, and can let teddy dog skin not directly exposed to the outside world, thus not vulnerable to a parasitic parasitic or sunlight, is good for skin health.

It should also be noted that the dog’s feet and limbs should be trimmed regularly. To do this, separate Teddy’s toes from the soles of his feet and use scissors to carefully remove hairs between the soles of his feet. This is to prevent their feet from slipping because the hair on their feet is too long.

It is better to comb your dog at least once or more a week. Although they will not shed (under healthy skin conditions), they should be combed and treated regularly, otherwise their curly fur will look messy and knotted. They will be very happy to think of combing them. In addition to helping their hair metabolism, it is a great way to promote bonding between owners and their pets. Hairdressing about 2 months to do an overhaul.

Post time: May-30-2022