Barber scissors can’t cut other things!

Barber’s scissors can’t cut anything except hair. This is related to the design and structure of the barber scissors. Because there is oil on human hair, it is very smooth. Therefore, the cutting edge of the hair clipper has tiny fine teeth, which can avoid slipping when cutting hair and make it easier to cut the hair. The scissors blade is tough and sharp, but at the same time it is delicate. Once the hair scissors are used to cut other things, the fine teeth on the blade surface will wear out, and the hair will feel dull, stuck, and slippery when used to cut the hair, which will affect the accuracy of the haircut.

There are some good scissors that hairdressers only use when cutting women’s hair, because men’s hair is harder and it will hurt the scissors when used. The barber responded that sometimes customers would use it, and occasionally someone would use it to cut their nails! Such hard nails will definitely wear out badly after being cut. We can’t say at this time, the guests are not happy and on the other hand, we are stingy. It’s really painful and hard to speak.

Barber scissors are actually personal items, and colleagues generally don’t borrow them easily. If you use something handy, others will always feel different after using it. What’s more, it is used to cut other things, and the hair scissors  are difficult to maintain. Once they are blunt, they must be polished by a professional manufacturer with high craftsmanship. Moreover, after re-sharpening, the original effect may not be restored, so many barbers use old scissors and prefer to buy new ones.

Dear barbers, please protect your scissors and don’t use them to cut out anything other than hair!

Post time: Dec-04-2021