2 minutes for you to quickly understand the characteristics of pet scissors

Scissors type

Direct shear: an excellent pet beautician, in fact, a direct shear can complete all the work of pet beauty, direct shear is the soul of the beautician, so it is very important to choose a hand-held direct shear.

Bending shear: it is used to trim the head of pet. Skilled use of bending shear can improve the cutting speed faster than direct shear. It is a "artifact" to save time when the pet shop is busy with beauty.

Tooth scissors: mainly used for thinning hair, commonly used for pruning Pomeranian dog, Schnauzer eyebrow, tooth scissors are not commonly used, but also a necessary pair of scissors for pet beauticians.

Common scissors are 6 inches, 6.5 inches, 7 inches, 7.5 inches, 8 inches, according to the size of the hand.

Many beauticians have a problem:

What's the difference between pet scissors and hairdressing scissors?

1. Human pores only grow one hair, but most dogs grow 3-7 hairs in one pore. Relatively speaking, dog hair is much softer than human hair, and softer hair or fiber is much harder to cut than thicker hair and fiber.

2. Divide by blade. The blade of pet scissors will be more like that of flat scissors for people, because the requirements for cutting pets will be higher than that of people, and the precision will be higher, otherwise the dog's hair is thinner than that of people, and it is easy to cut hair continuously.

3. It depends on the workmanship. The high and low grade of scissors largely depends on whether the workmanship is fine. To observe the workmanship, one is to see whether the inner edge line (that is, a white light on the inside of the knife edge, which is the contact track line of the two knife edges of the scissors) is even and smooth. You can open the scissors and then close it gently to feel whether the scissors are smooth.

4. Try your hand. Of course, if the scissors meet the above standards, there will be no big problem with their hand feel, but the quality of each pair of scissors can not be guaranteed to be perfect. No matter whether there is a problem with its quality, it is necessary to feel comfortable when using it, because there are differences in the shape and thickness of each person's fingers, and there will be subtle differences in the hand feel of each person with the same pair of scissors, We want to make sure we feel good when we use it. But when you try the hand feeling, you must pay attention to the fact that you must open and close it gently, because the speed is fast, which will cause empty shear and cause great damage to the edge of the new scissors.

5. The size can also be distinguished. Hairdressers generally range from 4 inches to 6 inches, while pet scissors range from 7.0 inches to 9.0 inches. Most of them are 7.5-8.0 inches, so they are divided by 7 inches. Most of the teeth are cut with a thin knife with more than 40 V-shaped teeth, which is more uniform and meticulous.

Daily maintenance of pet scissors

Professional pet scissors are more sophisticated than ordinary human scissors. In order to ensure and extend its service life, correct and reasonable daily maintenance is essential. In fact, it's also very simple. When the beautician finishes the hairdressing or finishes the day, wipe the scissors clean with deerskin, inject a little lubricating oil into the gap between the adjusting screws of the scissors, wipe a layer of oil film on the cutting edge with a matching oil pen, and then store it in a clean, dry and ventilated container or tool box. Be careful not to bump the scissors. And gradually develop this good habit.

Note: wiping scissors is to remove the water stains and other chemical substances on the cutting edge during hair cutting, so as not to corrode the cutting edge. No matter how good the material is, the scissors will corrode. Oil is often injected at the gap of scissors adjusting screw to ensure the smooth tension of scissors, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of scissors slack adjustment, and the slack adjustment of scissors is the key to affect the service life of scissors.

After talking so much, do you understand your scissors, but how to choose them

1. Select the scissors with the tip of the cutting edge, the diameter of the wringing waist and the contact point in a straight line. If the contact point of the scissors is close to the ring finger hole, the thumb can not move flexibly, which will hinder the pruning.

2. Pet Beauty thumb handle and ring finger should be 90 degrees and easy to open.

3. Take turns to grasp the two skeletons to see if they are flexible.

4. The waist should be in the center of the body. Place the scissors horizontally to see if the screw is vertical to the waist.

5. Look straight at the tip horizontally to see if Jiao Bing is straight.

Post time: Jul-05-2021