What are the preparations for the dog before taking a bath?

For pet groomers, scissors are one of the indispensable tools. Therefore, when conducting pet grooming training, it is very important for students to master the correct usage of scissors. Then, what should students do to practice correctly? Where’s the scissors?
1. Don’t completely imitate the picture: First of all, it is impossible to completely imitate the picture according to the book, because everyone has different hand shapes, and secondly, the newly purchased scissors need a certain time to adapt. The scissors in hand are different, and the structure and size of the scissors are different. There are many exquisites, and its shape will also affect the shape of the gripper, so the shape of the hand is similar, but it is comfortable. It is the right way to hold scissors as comfortable as when you are handing something to others.
2. Avoid strong exercises: practicing scissors is not like fitness. You have to abuse yourself. If your hands are cocooned because of the scissors, it will definitely not be a good phenomenon. In fact, the correct way is to move the scissors lightly and forcefully. As long as the force of the moving and static blades of the scissors can be balanced;
3. Do not practice irregularly: any skill that grows, follow the gradual progress and practice regularly, so as to maintain higher efficiency, but also to use energy better, and do things to the extreme. Do it successfully.

Post time: Nov-04-2021