How to use pet shears to shear cats?

Tips for cutting cats:

1. If you want to cut a nice look. First cut long hair with scissors, and then push it with scissors. This is better shaping. There are different standard calipers for pet-specific putters. So you can choose how long you want to grow hair. .

2. If it’s just to show that cats are cool in summer. If you don’t care about the others, just use the faders to push. No calipers are needed. You think this might push the cat into a bald scoop. Don’t worry, if I look back, I will probably leave more than 1mm of hair.

3. Cats can be said to be timid and sensitive animals. So not all cats can accept shearing. Some cats will be angry and go on hunger strike because of their shearing. So if the pet at home is a super-tempered one. Don’t risk offending it. Other cats are very sensitive to sounds, and will show a tension of 120 points as long as they have a sound. They are not suitable for shaving. Because even a noiseless pet clipper has a sound. This may scare the cat to behave abnormally.

4. This point must be paid attention to. That is, the time to cut their hair must not be too long. Do not exceed half an hour at a time. You may want to say that if you are not familiar with it, it is difficult to complete it in half an hour. Then people take a break, and cats take a break, and then start to work.

Precautions when trimming cat hair

1. Foot hair

Trimming the hair between the cat’s toes and palms is not only to cool down, but also to clean and prevent fleas and lice from living inside. However, if the cat itself has skin diseases such as interdigital inflammation, it is medically recommended that the owner does not need to cut all the hair, because the interdigital hair and interdigital hair also have a protective effect and can relieve the friction between the toes and the pads.

2. Ear hair

Pulling hair can reduce the accumulation of dirt and make it easier to keep the ears dry. However, some cats will resist plucking, which makes the owner very troublesome. In fact, cat ear hair is not necessary, unless the cat has ear disease that needs treatment, it is recommended that the owner consider its necessity.

3. Facial hair

Trimming the cat’s mouth hair can prevent the cat from getting wet or getting dirty when eating and drinking; trim the hair near the eyes to prevent the hair from hanging down to cover the eyes or sting the eyes. When the face is trimmed, care should be taken not to harm the cat, especially the fragile parts like the eyes. If the owner is not skilled enough, you can also consider the method of tying the hair.

Post time: Sep-30-2021