Don’t touch the pet groomer’s scissors?

Xiaoyan is a rural child and her family is not well-off, so she did not go to school after graduating from high school.

Once online, Xiaoyan learned about the profession of a pet beautician. She has loved small animals since she was a child, and she also raised a little black who is the doorman at home.

Xiao Hei is very good, as long as Xiao Yan is at home, Xiao Hei will follow her.

So, Xiao Yan asked her parents for tuition, learned pet grooming techniques, and became a pet groomer.

Xiaoyan has a job as a pet beautician in the city. For her just entering the society, her salary is still satisfactory.
She has always been educated in frugality. She will not spend money randomly and will save some money.

In order to make her work more comfortable, Xiao Yan bought herself a set of scissors for a big price, which is a branded product in the industry.

Because of this set of scissors, Xiao Yan seems to be more confident, and her technique has also improved day by day.

Xiaoyan feels that this set of scissors is like a treasure to herself, and it’s especially refreshing to use.

Therefore, Xiaoyan cleans the scissors every night, oils them, and puts them in the kit properly.

For a beautician who loves pets and beauty, this sense of ritual is happy.

Perhaps, you think it’s important that your mobile phone has electricity and data, and Xiaoyan thinks it’s important that scissors are easy to use.

Orderly work goes on day by day, and thanks to Xiaoyan’s serious work, the pet shop’s business is getting better and better.

No one would have thought that a peaceful life would one day be broken by scissors.

The business in the shop became more and more busy. The pet shop owner Xiao Tang expanded his team and recruited a new beautician Xiao Zhang.

Xiao Zhang is a cheerful boy. He and Xiao Yan can also talk very well, and soon the two of them have nothing to talk about.

Xiao Zhang is not as careful at work as Xiao Yan, but because he is good at chatting with customers, the boss Xiao Tang likes such employees very much and thinks he can bring more customers to the store.

Because of the new employees joining, Xiao Yan will not be called back to the shop to groom her dogs because of her rest days, so Xiao Yan can finally have a complete rest day.

On the night before the rest day, Xiao Yan wiped the tools, carefully put them in the tool bag, and left work happily.

The rest day will pass soon, and the next day, Xiaoyan arrives at the shop to work on time.

Boss Xiao Tang told Xiao Yan: “You didn’t come to work yesterday, and many customers wanted you to cut it. You will be very busy today!”

Xiaoyan was very happy to hear it, and she felt very fulfilling to be recognized for her technology.

As usual, Xiao Yan changed into her work clothes, helped clean up, and started serving the first dog.

Xiaoyan took out the tool bag from the cabinet, and it was covered with hair. Xiaoyan frowned, blew off the hair, and took out the scissors.

When she saw the scissors, Xiao Yan was stunned: “Didn’t I clean up the scissors before taking a break? How could it be so dirty?”

Xiaoyan rushed out excitedly and asked her boss: “Brother Tang, did someone move my scissors yesterday? Did Xiao Zhang move it?”

Xiao Tang was at a loss when he saw Xiao Yan like this: “It was very busy outside yesterday. I am not sure about the details. You can call Xiao Zhang and ask!”

toot toot…

“Hey! Who? Calling so early!” Xiao Zhang answered the phone, sounding like he hadn’t gotten up yet.

“Xiao Zhang, did you cut your hair with my scissors yesterday?” Xiao Yan asked, “My scissors are not allowed to be moved by others, don’t you know?”

“Oh! Yeah! It’s okay to move! Yesterday there were too many dogs, my scissors fell on the ground and suddenly I couldn’t use them, so I took your scissors. Is your scissors broken? I just used it and cut it. Two dogs.”

Xiaoyan didn’t know what to say, she hung up the phone, like a mother who had lost her child, walked into the beauty room blankly and sat on a stool.

The boss Xiao Tang came in, and he comforted Xiao Yan: “Xiao Yan, I was too busy yesterday. I seem to have heard Xiao Zhang say that the scissors fell on the ground and broke, so I used your scissors, but Xiao Zhang didn’t fight with you. The greeting is his fault. When he comes back, I will criticize him. Don’t be too sad. If your scissors are not easy to use, I will find the best master in our city for you, and I will give you a fine grinding once. Guarantee It’s as easy to use as before.”

Xiaoyan heard the boss’s words, Dou Da’s tears fell, she turned her face and wiped it, stood up and got ready for work.

Scissors didn’t seem to be too faulty to use, but they always felt uncomfortable to use. Even if the guests praised the cut beautifully, Xiao Yan couldn’t be happy.

A month later, Xiao Yan left the pet shop. She couldn’t drive Xiao Zhang away, and she felt awkward to get along with Xiao Zhang, so she could do it in a different place.

No matter how the boss keeps her, Xiao Yan is not tempted. In her heart, no one can touch her scissors.

It’s just that the boss will never understand the importance of a pair of scissors to the beautician.

Everyone will have different opinions on whether Xiaoyan’s actions were excessive, but no matter what, Xiaoyan started a new job with a smile on her face, she also began to learn more about scissors, and was ready to upgrade her equipment. .

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