Analysis on the Development Trend of Barber Scissors Technology.

The production of modern machine-made hairdressing appliances mainly adopts forging, sand-finishing, metal cutting, heat treatment, surface treatment and assembly processes. Aiku’s electric scissor blade adopts high-precision gear grinding and back groove grinding technology, and the fixed blade is chrome-plated and matted. The product technology is advanced, rust-proof and wear-resistant, and cutting is powerful and smooth.

At present, high-end scissors usually use 440C steel with a hardness of 58-60, especially domestic scissors, which already represents the best steel. Compared with foreign high-end scissors, domestically produced hair clippers meet international standards in terms of material and workmanship, as well as all aspects of performance. Compared with a few years ago, the quality of scissors in our country has made a big leap.

The production process of barber scissors is cut, drilled, welded, and then sent to the heat treatment plant for metal heat treatment, which reorganizes the molecular structure of the steel and becomes very hard. Then it is polished and polished. After the finished hair clipper is adjusted, the cutting edge is inspected, the wet tissue inspection, the film inspection, and finally the packaging is delivered.

The competition for haircuts in the future is brand competition. The development of new crafts and new materials has been clearly defined at home and abroad. The main direction of improving international competitiveness by relying on technological innovation, improving product grades, and increasing the degree of specialization has been very clear.

In order to shorten the gap between products and materials used in advanced foreign countries, some steel mills and scissors companies have successively developed some new stainless steel materials containing molybdenum, titanium, and vanadium to improve the hardness and corrosion resistance of hair clippers. The scissors are sharp, stainless, easy to wear, beautiful and durable.

With the improvement of living standards, people’s health awareness has greatly improved. The spread and harm of various germs has become a social issue that people are concerned about, and the market has urgent requirements for the antibacterial properties of scissors. The application of antibacterial and sterilization materials in the scissors industry is a new topic. This material is widely used in Japan. Antibacterial stainless steel materials for scissors have been developed on the Chinese market. An appropriate amount of copper is added to the stainless steel. After special treatment, a high-concentration copper second phase can be formed in the material. It is distributed in the alloy matrix. With the development of China’s economy, there will be more and more antibacterial products and more and more applications for antibacterial materials. This is an inevitable trend.



Post time: Nov-10-2021